Portriats.......by Ann Nash Photography 


Stunning photography is a collaborative effort between your chosen photographer, and you.  


I offer you the opportunity to create your own portrait experience by providing a range of professional photography cameras and lenses, and the flexibility to provide photography for many different "looks" you may be interested in.  My portrait photography work is usually done in natural settings outdoors, but not limited to that and various studio poses are also offered.  I am available to travel to a variety of locations in the Twin Cities greater metropolitan area.  


We discuss your goals, and make a plan together, and book a session.  I can provide assistance with location, recommended time required, and outfit decisions based on information you  provide about your interests.


After a session, your images are presented in a "proofs" gallery just for you, and you will have multiple choices for things you can do with your images to accommodate your own personalized needs.  Typically there are 100-300 proofs to review.  The proofs will have basic adjustments applied, not full editing enhancements.


Your favorite images are then selected, and they are the ones that will then get furtherl editing assistance with enhancements, touch-ups, special effects applied, etc. 


You are then able to create your own custom portraits package from that group of images, which can be any combination of products you are interested in.  It's a very flexible system and process. 


The final step is the delivery of your custom portraits package, so your celebrations may begin!


Let me know if there is a special photography project you are interested in, and we can work together to design something that is perfect for you.