Try the "FAVORITES"'s super easy!      Just TAG (the little heart symbol) on the images you like!


Tagging images you like creates smaller groups of images that are easy to view, share, or save to come back to later.  It is especially helpful if you are tagging from different galleries to combine your images into one place.


You can also create as many different collections of favorites as you like, and name them anything you want, such as sports, or portraits, or soccer, or whatever you name the group.  You just need to be logged into that group to add or manage that particular group.


Collections are like photo folders that you control on the website.  Use the drop-down tools in the upper left corner to navigate around to use multiple folders. (Please note, you are are able to view images either in galleries, OR favorites folders, but you'll need to be in a gallery in order to be able to tag them initially.)


FAVORITES FOLDERS ARE A HANDY REVIEWING TOOL......You can re-arrange images in your collection using click and drag, which is great for comparing images or sorting for other reasons....and it's fun to toggle back and forth when comparing images.


You can shop right from your collections.  Prices are the ones attached to the galleries you tagged them from.


I can also create custom proposals for you with your favorite collections (think discounts!!)  

Send me a quick message if you would like one.  You can even do it right from the favorites screens.  (nice!)